L2Hispanox C6
We support more than 1000 players

Stable server x10

Server online

Server low

Information: Craft items

  • Rate: XP x10 - SP x10 - ADENA x10 - DROP x1 - SPOIL x10.
  • Return of Dwarfs: - Classic Item: Retail Sets, including spoil-list
  • Special Armory. Custom Armors: Stat Base S Classic Armors
  • Vote Reward System Skin way Vote Reward System Offline Craft/Trade system
  • Including Classic Npc Buffer Special Npc Buffer (use hx brooch)

Endless server

Without Wipes

Having played on a server and stopped playing Lineage 2 for a while, I was upset that after returning the server had crashed. Common situation? Very unpleasant, I agree!

The new 10x server aims to be an active community that lasts for
a long time and without reboots, which is the most important

¡Making history together!


I explain to you how to connect

1. Complements this helps you see armor and weapon in addition to tattoos in the game Animations Systextures
2. Download files in this sector you can download the system and the game client. System Client
3. Visit our fanpage here you can communicate with players or game administrators . Facebook

You can connect quickly with these steps

in-game spoilers, increase non-playable classes, rework skill work, upgrade unpopular epic jewelry, an additional way to get epic jewels, new items and much more.

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